We have puppies for sale!

Puppies were born on August 1 and August 7 and have pedigree from Malomkozi and Hege-Haus lines (father Aran Vom Donau Delta). Both parents have excellent results in both competitions and hunting. More details below.

Maier Kennel - a German Shorthaired Pointer Kennel

Maier Kennel consists of German Shorthaired Pointer hounds (Deutsch-Kurzhaar), dogs with pedigree, coming from the well-known lines Hege-Haus and Malomkozi.
Its great Intelligence , very pleasant personality and dedication to its master, make the German Shorthaired Pointer ideal both for those who practice hunting as a sport and for those who want a family dog.
Dear fellow hunters, the dogs from our kennel have all the necessary skills to perfectly adapt to the toughest hunting conditions in our country or others.
If you are not a hunter, but you are interested in purchasing a puppy, I can ensure you that the German Shorthaired Pointer with all its qualities is the best choice. Over time, all the dogs of this breed, that I have owned or I knew, amazed me by how well they interacted with the whole family, especially with the children, with whom I have seen them very protective and eager at the same time, to become their playmates.
The German Shorthaired Pointer is the dog that combines the qualities of all other hunting breeds and which also succeeds,by his loving and friendly nature, to delight the whole family.
When looking for a German Shorthaired Pointer with a pedigree, for sale or a male for mating, pay us a visit to Cluj, Romania, and our gorgeous dogs will convince you!




 OUR DOGS (touch the picture)

Features: • a massive dog, well proportioned • expressive head, deep chest • performance in national competitions • good results in hunting • sage, docile, pleasant temperament, sober. AVAILABLE FOR MATING!

ARAN - Hege-Haus line

Features: • energetic • obedient, careful • well-defined muscles and a high resistance in the ground

UTA - Hege-Haus line (female)

Features: • a very nice dog with expressive and harmonious colors • imposing appearance, vigorous physical • smart, with a strong personality. Brio is an exceptional male, born in August 2013 in our kennel, from Hege-Haus and Malomkozi lines, cross that has proven to be very inspired, given that the puppies have extraordinary abilities to hunt. AVAILABLE FOR MATING !

BRIO - Hege-Haus and Malomkozi lines

Anda is a beautiful female, born in August 2013 in our kennel, from Hege-Haus and Malomkozi lines, cross that has proven to be very inspired, given that all the puppies had extraordinary abilities to hunt.

ANDA - Hege-Haus and Malomkozi lines (female)

Features: • a robust female • committed and highly resistant • works well in the field, even in the toughest conditions

TESA - Malomkozi line (female)

Features: • a sensitive nature, gentle, noble downright • it loves to give and receive, in turn, affection • highly developed sense of smell • performance in competitions

ANSA - Malomkozi line (female)